Herbal Linen Body Wrap

Herbal Linen Body Wrap

Lose inches the healthy way! Wrap yourself!

All of our wraps are specially designed to meet specific therapeutic goals. Hot linens soaked in calming herbs, seaweed masques or mineral rich muds are applied with traditional healing techniques by our trained aestheticians. Your body will feel rejuvenated, detoxified and hydrated.

Herbal Linen Body Wrap

Deep Cleansing Step 1Deep-Cleansing

Herbal Linen Body Wrap

Herbal Linen Body Wrap

Your experience begins with a relaxing, deep-cleaning body shower. The extremely concentrated enzyme-active aloe body wash will penetrate into the pores to clean away sebum, pollution and exfoliate dry and dead cells from the surface skin. Your body will be clean, exfoliated, refreshed, unclogged

Ready to be wrapped with cotton linens soaked in a warm, toxin-cleansing and penetrating botanical aloe-herb extracts, your body will be in complete relaxation from the natural aromas.

WRAP & Mini-Facial Step 2Wrap & Mini-Facial


Eliminate Water Retention

You are then wrapped in a warm thermal cocoon where its herbs are moving stored toxins into the lymphatic system to eliminate water retention which can create a drop in clothing size. And, while you're enjoying your wrap with its relaxing warmth and the therapeutic soothing effect of its aromas, we also treat you to the rejuvenating benefits of our Mini Facial. Upon emerging from the wrap, you will take a refreshing shower using an all-natural body wash.

Full Body Moisturizer Step 3Full Body Moisturizer

Full Body Moisturizer

Full Body Moisturizer

Finally, your Aesthetician massages a deep moisturizing lotion into your new smooth, fresh skin.

Herbal Linen Body Wrap 90min


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