Ombre Hair Color Trend

Ombre or Balayage Highlights

The Ombre hair color is the hottest trend in spicing up your locks of hair. It usually features darker hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. Some prefer to go with bolder colors on the end or even reverse ombre.

Our skilled stylists will help you rock this glamorous look and help you select the perfect effect for your hair and skin colors, whether it be subtle or bold, blonde or red, or even tri-toned. You can add just a hint of a subtle hue difference or you can go wild with bright red or pink ends.

Balayage or Ombre Highlights

All prices are on a "start at" basis. An extra charge will be added for thicker or longer hair.

What makes Ombre Great?

Ombre Color
  • It's a low maintenance look. You can touch up when you're ready and not worry about your "roots showing".
  • It works on all complexions.
  • It's a versatile look. You can go natural, edgy or dramatic

Balayage or Ombre Highlights

Starts at $150